Training Chest Without Trashing Shoulders

A common mistake I’ve made and many others make in lifting is training (sometimes over-training) upper body pressing without proper warm-up or mindfulness of technique and a focus on big barbell lifts for chest development and shoulder development.

When we think about exercises like the bench press, push-ups, or cable flyes we think of them as relatively low-skill exercises when, in fact, they require just as much preparation and focus as the squat, deadlift, or clean. These are simple moves; but simple does not mean we can just slap on 45’s and start cranking away reps.

In another post, How I Warm-Up for EVERY Training Session, I discuss the merits of a thorough warm-up for any workout and specifically how I structure my warm-up for optimal performance and injury prevention. Here are a few chest/upper body pressing day tips, tweaks, and moves that will ensure you sufficiently train the muscles and spare the joints. Continue reading

How I Warm-Up for EVERY Training Session

I know many people who love working out and training but skimp out on the quality and duration of their warm-ups and it boggles my mind. Warming up not only helps in preventing injury but aids in PERFORMANCE. That is proven science that I will just spend a little bit of time on but the real reason of this post is insight into how I warm-up for every training session. And yes, I am implying this is how you should also warm-up for every training session.

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Protein. What to Look For.

With the hundreds of supplement companies dumping thousands of protein powders, bars, and mixes into the market the decision to find your perfect match can be arduous. But don’t worry, there are plenty of fish (and whey) in the sea. If that were true there would be some super YOKED fish…

Anyway, here are the 4 things I look for when selecting a protein supplement.

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This has been crushing my chest and delts for weeks…

On my upper body push pull day I’ve been using this complex the past 6 weeks in a recent training block and it relentlessly crushed my upper chest and anterior delts and gave me an awesome pump every week no matter what. Use this to help build size and strength in the upper chest, anterior delts, and triceps.

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Does anyone else hate it when your arms don’t fill out a sleeve in your shirt? My girlfriend does, and so do I. I’ve always had big arms from doing plenty of pulls and presses but was lacking definition…I wanted to change that. That’s why I put together this 8 week arm trainer to build size and strength in the arms using compound and isolation movements, complexes, and max rep sets.

Download the workout FREE HERE.

4 Ways to Demolish Your Deadlift PR

The deadlift is the king of the strength exercises and one of my favorite tools in increasing strength, size, and sports performance. Few things in life feel better than locking out a heavy ass deadlift. Whether you pull conventional, sumo, hybrid, or with a hex bar your lift is only as strong as your weakest link. Here are a few ways to diagnose your weak point, target that weak spot for training, and demolish your past PR.

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Olympic Style Weightlifting for Sports Performance

A few years ago I was asked to put together a piece on olympic style weightlifting (snatch, clean, and jerk) and its relevance in sports performance enhancement for basketball players for a new company called True Athelite. Check-out the article HERE.

This is still a favorite topic of mine as I love the olympic lifts for their ability to develop power and force production in the gym and have tremendous carry over to sport. I use the olympic lifts very often in my programming for my athletes to get them to the top of their game and build explosive and dangerous power.

Give it a read and get to work!

Quick Lessons From A Day with Donny Shankle

Last Spring, the Rutgers Weightlifting Club brought in Donny Shankle for a seminar and training session. It was an intense and hardcore learning experience to say the least. But before reading this any further you should familiarize yourself with “The Lion Killer.”

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When to STOP a Romanian Deadlift

Had a thought today for a post during my morning workout. After power cleans and back squats I had a toasty superset of weighted pull-ups and barbell Romanian deadlifts (RDL). I thought about how delicious my oats mixed with chocolate whey was going to taste post workout, thought about the freshly ripped hole in one of my favorite training tees, and then I thought about when to STOP the descent of a RDL. Just so happened, that with me it was exactly when the plates kissed the floor/torso parallel to the floor/barbell a few inches below the knee … but that is not always the case for every athlete or every PT client.

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